Affordable Stucco Solutions
This process includes removing your existing finish on your home(sometimes just the exterior front)and then installing a tyvek or a typar weather barrier around any parts that we are doing a new stucco install. After that we can build up any extra details you would like including borders around the windows or doors , as well as any columns on the corners or whatever you like. Next we will wire any new parts that are getting new stucco propertly and the right way followed by the first scratch coat, at this time if we are going over your existing old stucco we will patch up any cracks or spots and scrap down any problem spots. You will then decide on the colors you want to use for your main color, and/or your detail and another stucco coat is applied to the entire house. The house base can be done in either white or grey.

Please call or EMAIL to arrange a free quote. More photos available HERE